Wedding Limousines

A wedding event will not be complete without a Vancouver Wedding Limousine service to provide transportation for the Bride and Groom. A limousine is a major part of the wedding preparations and should not be left to chance. At Destiny Limousine, we take your booking seriously. We understand that it is all about comfort, it is all about presentation, it is all about time management and it is all about safety, especially on an important day such as your wedding. What should you expect when you book your wedding limo with us?

What Is Part Of The Wedding Limo Package?First and foremost, you have to understand that no wedding package is similar as each couple has different requirements to fulfill. As such, Destiny Limousine creates custom wedding package based on your requirements and budgets. However, what may become similar is the routine that is common to all wedding ceremonies and may include all these steps as outlined below or may follow a totally different route.

? The Wedding Limo service starts from the home or hotel of the Bride and Groom to bring them to Church. You may opt to book for an additional ride for your other family members or guests to take them to the venue.

? After the ceremony, driver can bring the Bride and Groom to the “Picture Taking” venue.

? Once the picture taking is done, all of you can proceed to the reception venue.

? After the event, you may want to bring your guests home or drive you further to the airport if you plan on leaving directly for the honeymoon.