Ones personal life is more than work, play, love, faith, hopes and beliefs "everyday, or daily life", but it includes broader plans, goals, and progress with your: friends, and family and your personal news and views about life.

These records can cover everyday historic events involving your: personal, home, street, community, school, work -- and your town, city, state, nation and global events. You can have a record of what happened to look back: years and decades later your will find them very interesting, disappointing, happy or amusing.

You can easily store them in our Events Organizer for making them rememberable in future. You can also edit/delete them at any time. One more interesting feature is that you can share your events with your friends and family, the ones which you want to share.Now your friends can easily know about you and your upcoming events in your life.

You can also make yourself aware about upcoming events by recieving alerts from the system which will remind you what you have planned in your future.