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Want to discover new and unique exciting wedding ideas and wedding tips to help make your big day a memorable one? Looking for themes for an exciting wedding reception? Searching for the best shops to select chic fashions? Interested in details on how to execute your wedding ideas?

This site is designed to provide you with the best resources to carry out every important wedding detail that you have in mind. Whether you are planning a fabulous bachelorette party, an intricate ceremony, an over-the-top reception, a destination wedding, or the perfect honeymoon, we have a wide selection of ideas to fuel your creativity.

You can also share your wedding ideas with your friends and comment on the free wedding ideas....

Scheduling events and creating plans for the future has never been easier and more comfortable. Just select a date in the built-in calendar and double-click it to enter the scheduled event or TODO item and you will recieve alerts one day before that event so that you didn't miss the schedule.
It is fully integrated with event planner to save your time, while providing you with a tool that is easy to use and features that you'll find on the most user-friendly Web sites.

All your albums are personalised photo albums of your wedding that have their own elegant styles and share memories for a lifetime.With one click you can both upload photos and place them in an online album. Choose from album view styles for power and flexibility in album viewing and picture sharing. You can also see who has access to each of your albums and edit album visibility on an individual album.

Other Service offered by weddingidea.ca are Wedding E-cards, Contact manager, Shopping Advertisements and Online Chat.